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Rudy Salas' staff members are bailing out faster than rats from a sinking ship. And right before the June primary. Funny aint it? Hummm, wonder what’s going on. Does Rudy have an ethics problem?


A deaf man allegedly tackled by Bakersfield police who believed he'd been trying to break into an apartment has filed a claim against the city alleging civil rights violations, assault and unlawful arrest.


Congratulations to Covered California for putting a million people on welfare in the Golden State. 


Bakersfield police raided the Hot Spot Cyber Center, an Internet cafe Thursday afternoon. This followed cease-and-desist letters sent about a month ago by the district attorney's office and hand delivered by Kern County Sheriff's deputies to all county sweepstakes or Internet cafe owners. Guess these guys didn't check the mail.


The panhandling ordinance passed the city council Wednesday and becomes law May 16th.


Kern County Animal Services needs some community members to help save the lives of homeless and neglected puppies and kittens by becoming a certified foster parent.


It's been one month since a pipeline field gas leak forced some 50 residents to evacuate their homes in Arvin. Within that time, homeowners say they still don't have answers or when they can return home and move on with their lives.


Federal prosecutors on Thursday again vowed to add racketeering charges to the political corruption and organized crime case that includes suspended state Sen. Leland Yee, assuring a judge that "a majority of the defendants" will face that sweeping criminal charge.


Most California voters think the state should increase the availability of preschool for the state’s 4-year-olds, yep get 'um while they're young.


With the deadline now past to sign up for coverage under the nation's new health care law, there's one last resort for the millions of uninsured: short-term health insurance.


A word of warning to barking moonbats. Maybe you should turn off your computer and find a nice corner to curl up and suck your thumb. Presenting your moronic and contemptible opinions to public ridicule online can give you PTSD.


Poor Harry Reid, he's getting such mean comments on his Facebook page.


Speaking of Facebook look how Bloomberg's "Everytown" project is blowing up in his face.


Here's a link to Everytown for Gun Safety - Kern County on Facebook. Go check it out and join.


It isn’t just the absurdly exaggerated anti-gun hysteria. This advice for dealing with bullies, sent home with kids as a flyer at a Nebraska school, illustrates how liberal educrats are remaking the next generation in their squishy soft image.


Here's a woman who has a sever brain condition who's had 4 brain surgeries and has just lost all of her doctor's due to her Obamacare coverage.


The federal government is using your money to systematically promote a form of sexual depravity explicitly forbidden in the strongest terms under the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths and known to spread lethal diseases. Reverend Franklin Graham sounds the alarm.


Anyone who thinks the worst is over now that federal agents have subsided after wreaking havoc on Cliven Bundy’s ranch must have forgotten about Obama’s Executive Order 13575.


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — a.k.a. Fauxcahontas — is hurt, angry, and stunned at the way people make fun of her for getting unfair advantages by pretending to be an Indian. Maybe seeing herself star in this music video will cheer her up.



April 20, 2014

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