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This is my favorite channel on youtube.  The Armed Citizen Channel!




Click here: Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale - Firearms Division - California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney G





Fight for your right to own and fondle firearms. Even if you're not a gun owner your membership will help this great organization keep AMERICA free from the gun grabbing kooks of the far left. Support the second amendment, by God!
Click here: Official National Rifle Association of America Home Page




Here in the great SRSC, The Socialist Republic State of California, we must fight harder for our Second Amendment rights than any other state in the Union. The CRPA is an organization of sportsmen dedicated to the preservation of our AMERICAN heritage. Founded way back in 1875, the California Rifle and Pistol Association is over 65,000 strong and growing.
California Approved Handguns




Another group of good decent people promoting the 2nd amendment is the GOA. Gun Owners of America. Check this site out.
Click Here: Gun Owners of America





Since I've been talking about Hi-Point firearms a lot of you have expressed interest in this clunky, hard nosed, inexpensive AMERICAN made gun. Here are a few links for ya'll workin' hard playin' hard firearm enthusiasts out there. Yee Haw!
Click Here: The official web site for Hi-Point weaponry!




Check out this great site. It's called the Hi-Point Firearms Forum Index. A bunch of guys who own, shoot and swear by this AMERICAN company that makes the sweetest little, low priced lead slinger on the market. Read the reviews.
Click Here:Hi-Point Firearms Forum Index



Also, you'll find a damn interesting review of Hi-Point's from Paul Scarlata at "Shooting Times" magazine on line.
Click here: Hi-Point Firearms



Australian Gun Ban


Click here to see the results




Concealed Campus


Are you a college student and want to know more about CCWs for students.  Join today.



The Jaz McKay Wish List - Guns Jaz wishes he could have right now!




Swiss Mini Gun



Glock Safe Action Pistols


Looking for a place on the web to bid on firearms and equipment? Welcome to Auction Arms, The Leader in Online Gun Auctions on the Internet!



Bored with the same old targets on the range? Try Zombie Targets. The only targets that will eat your brains. These are high quality targets with an edge.




 The Internet's best resource for conceal and carry news, legal info, reviews, informative articles, opinions, ccw training courses, and more.



Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog






October 9, 2015

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